Nadi Astrology


Nadi Astrology

For the benefit of future generations, ancient Indian Rishis employed their intellect to create various arts and sciences. This sort of science is astrology. Numerous subfields of astrology, such as horoscope casting and readings, are based on a person's birth chart and the positions of planets as they move through the Zodiac. That is a well-developed field, as evidenced by ancient texts like the Brihatsamhita and JathakaPaarijatha, among others. Nadi Shastra reading, numerology, and palmistry are additional sciences.

Based on the interactions our family has had thus far and the feedback provided by our customers, we have come to the conclusion that perhaps the predictions made by the palm leaf database we keep are only appropriate for 80% of the residents, or the total number of visitors. The cures described in the holy book, particularly temple poojas, were entirely discretionary.

Using this insight, rishis like Agasthiya, Kousaka, and Vasishta have predicted how many people will live on this planet. Let's now take a look at a single moment in time. At any given time, a number of species people, plants, and animals were born on this planet. The Rishis had focused solely on humankind in their predictions, neglecting the previous two. That is not the case for everyone. Only those who the Rishis foresee will be able to understand the Predictions were granted foresight.

The actual age at which all of these people might show up for such research was predicted by Rishis. At first, these forecasts were written on palm leaves. They were written in Sanskrit, as were a number of other historical sciences and arts. After that, the Tamil rulers gathered all of the palm leaves, no matter what they were about, handled them, and stored them in library collections. We probably would have destroyed such leaves, which were the knowledge vaults of previous Rishis. In his castle library, the emperor of Tanjore, a true advocate of the arts and sciences, designated a space for such palm leaves. He even had these transcribed into traditional Tamil with the help of Pandits.

We preserve palm leaves that our ancestors handed down to us. We had never claimed that those were the genuine palm leaves we purchased at an auction during the British era, purportedly written by a rishi. Each person must first be identified by providing their birth date, planetary alignments at the time of birth, parentage, names of several family members, and current life status before forecasts can be made. Status of marriage, and so on. The person's predictions are then provided, beginning with the date he began learning the Nadi and ending with the day he died. The time period between the leaf's birth and analysis is not covered.