Nadi Astrology Procedure

The Native must participate fully in order to speed up the process, which includes paying close attention to the reading and answering the questions accurately. As a result, the leaf and the first Kaandam also known as General Kaandam represent the Native Lagna. Additionally, General Kaandam would provide succinct forecasts of the Native's remaining 12 houses in the birth chart. If additional predictions about any other home were required, they can be found in the Appendix section of the associated Kaandam. To achieve the excellent results required by such holy writing, the Rishis suggest that the Native be freed from the negative effects of all sins committed in previous lives. Consequently, the rishis recommend and specify particular parihaaras (remedies). If the Rishi undertakes these Remedies with complete commitment, he guarantees that the occurrences he has described will occur. Shanthi and Deeksha (Nos. 13 and 14) are the two sections that separate all of those.

The readers at the library hand over a native thumb imprint when it is obtained. To make it easier to locate the palm-leaf bunches, the library sorted them by thumb imprint. Each thumb imprint was anticipated to contain 5 to 6 bunches, each containing 50 to 100 leaves. One such individual's leaf can be found in either the first group or any of the other six groups. Because only a select few souls have access to the forecasts contained in this sacred scroll, it is possible that it will not be discovered. Finding this particular leaf is therefore difficult and time-consuming.

The Native must then recite the second declaration to verify its truth if he confirms the first declaration, which the readers must read from the first leaf. The reader would have to investigate bunch after bunch, leaf after leaf, until they locate the one leaf on which all of the Native's details appear accurately if this assertion is false for this Native.